HälsoOasen's Total Experience

Here you get a spa package beyond the usual for the whole body. You have two and a half hours together without being mixed with other spa groups. If there are 1-2 of you, you begin by sinking into a fragrant herbal bath. If there are 3-12 of you, you will bathe in an outdoor spa under the treetops. After the body and mind have softened up all the treatments follow. You may enjoy a back and neck massage and a soothing facial cleansing treatment which ends with a massage all the way up to the scalp followed by a nourishing and moisturising foot wrap where we massage your feet right up to the tips of your toes. We of course only use organic products. You are warmly welcome to visit to us to experience what deep relaxation can really be!

150 minutes (120 minutes for 1 person)

1 person: SEK 1,475
2-3 persons: SEK 1,175/pers
4 persons or more: SEK 1,075/pers

Evenings and weekends
1 person: SEK 1,875
2-3 persons: SEK 1,475/pers
4 persons or more: SEK 1,375/pers